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BKDD stands for European lifestyle products in the premium segment, which are mainly sold to selected Asian and European B2B customers. We offer manufactured products from different business areas and cover the interior design (furniture, outdoor furniture, lamps, carpets) and entertainment electronics sector. We benefit from our longstanding experience and business relationships. We meet the highest standards of individuality, design, quality, technical perfection and delivery reliability.

For our manufacturers, the benefit of the cooperation is that we take over the complete service and supply chain up to the customer. This gives them security and reduces the investment risk for them. In addition, we take on important tasks of market development and market penetration for them in the respective Asian region. This increases turnover and leads to a win-win situation.

For our customers (including end customers), the benefit of the cooperation is that we offer products with outstanding performance features (USP character). This enables them to stand out from their competitors and to use unique, expressive and durable products. Compared to other European manufacturers, our brands are not only distinguished by very high product quality and extraordinary design, but also by a high level of seating and lying comfort, high degree of individual customization, innovation and service. Furthermore, we guarantee - especially in these difficult times - 100 percent delivery capability and reliability.

FREIFRAU, JAN KATH, JANUA and TECNOLUMEN belong to the best German interior design brands and have been honored in the book "Best of German Interior Design", selected by a committee of design experts with the support of the German Design Council.

BKDD is a licensed and exclusive distribution partner of the manufacturer brands BANG & OLUFSEN, FREIFRAU, JAN KATH, JANUA, LICHT IM RAUM, TECNOLUMEN and WITTMANN.

  • Further information about the brand BKDD

    The brand BKDD was created in 2008 by the foundation of the company "Benrather Karree" in Düsseldorf (acronym for Benrather Karree Düsseldorf). Until the end of September 2016, BKDD was exclusively active in the premium segment of consumer electronics and sold Bang & Olufsen products in the state capital's largest store. These are TV and audio sets and home automation systems with a distinctive aesthetic design and innovative technology. In addition to the end customer business, business with commercial customers was added in 2010. This includes, in particular, large furnishing projects with hotels and apartment buildings in Europe and Asia. BKDD was one of the most successful Bang & Olufsen stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and has received several awards and recognitions from the manufacturer. The B2C business was sold in 2016.  

    Since October 2016, however, the B2B business has been continued in another company under the BKDD brand: BKDD has expanded its product range and offers high-quality entertainment electronics as well as furniture, lamps and carpets from European premium brands (WITTMANN, FREIFRAU + JANUA, TECNOLUMEN, JAN KATH, LICHT IM RAUM).

    BKDD uses Tagrino GmbH as its German purchasing company and for sales in Europe and to Hong Kong. The operational business in Asia is handled by partner companies.

  • Further information about the brands of the manufacturers

    BANG & OLUFSEN: BANG & OLUFSEN was founded in 1925 by Peter Bang (1900-1957) and Svend Olufsen (1897-1949). The two company founders and technicians developed new types of radios that could be connected to any power supply - a technical innovation at the time. Later, the TV sets, telephones, music systems and loudspeakers of the manufacturer set standards, and even today the Danes are still the benchmark when it comes to luxurious home entertainment. The unique processing of aluminum, for which B&O has been known since the mid-1950s, is just as much a part of the company's DNA as the matter-of-course aesthetic sophistication.

    Homepage: www.bang-olufsen.com
    BKDD distribution license for B2B customers in Europe.

    FREIFRAU + JANUA: Hansjörg Helweg founded FREIFRAU in 2011. Together with a team of renowned designers and newcomers, timeless seating furniture is produced with a love of detail and the demand for sustainability. Since its foundation FREIFRAU has been working in cooperation with JANUA. The Bavarian company develops and manufactures high quality solid wood furniture for the home and office and follows the same values as they are anchored in the philosophy of FREIFRAU. Both companies are autonomous and independent - the connection is created by common values, the courage for new things and the boundless enthusiasm for innovative design. Christian Seisenberger founded JANUA in 2005, working with a team of renowned designers and newcomers to produce timeless furniture, especially tables with surfaces that have a strong character and the demand for sustainability. The production of both companies is based on traditional craftsmanship - all products are manufactured in Germany. The use of carefully selected and durable materials underlines the ecological awareness of the companies and ensures that future generations can also enjoy FREIFRAU + JANUA furniture.

    Homepages: www.freifrau.com and www.janua-moebel.com
    Exclusive BKDD distribution license for P.R. China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Singapore.

    JAN KATH is one of the most important carpet designers on the international stage. His designs have received numerous awards (Red Dot Design Award, Carpet Design Award, Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany). Carpets by JAN KATH can be found everywhere - in the homes of Arab kings, in Rupert Murdoch's New York penthouse, in the private suites of the Four Seasons in Cairo, on the luxury yachts of multinational oil companies or in the showrooms of major Parisian fashion labels. JAN KATH is the third generation in a family of carpet dealers with branches in the Ruhr area and Berlin. Even as a small boy, he visited manufactories in Iran and Nepal with his father. These experiences sharpened his eye and awakened his basic understanding of colour combinations and proportions. Inspired by numerous journeys through pulsating metropolises such as Paris, Istanbul, New York and Tokyo, Beirut, Sydney and last but not least through his home, the Ruhr area, with its archaic industrial culture, JAN KATH quickly developed his individual handwriting. While the appeal of the faulty, erosion and transformation plays a central role in his creations, KATH is "uncompromisingly conservative" when it comes to quality. JAN KATH belongs to the best German interior design brands and has been honored in the book "Best of German Interior Design", selected by a committee of design experts with the support of the German Design Council.

    Homepage: www.jan-kath.com
    Exclusive BKDD distribution license for P.R. China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Singapore.

    LICHT IM RAUM: For 60 years, LICHT IM RAUM has been producing high-quality designer luminaires that have what it takes to become modern, timeless classics. Piece by Piece. Exclusively in classic handcraft and according to traditional manufacturing methods. When Johannes and Lisa Dinnebier founded LICHT IM RAUM in 1956 - as the first lighting designers in Germany - the profession of lighting designer was virtually unknown. First of all, light had to be bright and secondly, it had to represent. If one thought of good light in the mid 50s, one usually meant a chandelier. The young company had completely different ideas. For them, light was first and foremost a design tool in architecture. And only then a question of watts and volts. "We still feel committed to the tradition of using light as a design element in architecture", says Daniel Klages, the current managing director of LICHT IM RAUM. "The fact that the rooms then become bright is a side effect, so to speak."

    Homepage: www.licht-im-raum.de
    Exclusive BKDD distribution license for P.R. China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

    TECNOLUMEN: From the very beginning, TECNOLUMEN has been concentrating on the design of the Bauhaus era, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2019. TECNOLUMEN produces the only original version of the Wagenfeld lamp in Bremen. In addition, there are other products that follow the philosophy and values of the Bauhaus. It all began in 1979 when the company founder Walter Schnepel received permission from Wilhelm Wagenfeld himself to reissue his iconic Bauhaus lamp, the Wagenfeld WG24. TECNOLUMEN is thus the only manufacturer in the world allowed to reproduce the Wagenfeld lamp according to original designs. The lamp manufacturer now sells a total of six versions of this timeless classic, all of which are based on the plans of the Bauhaus student. Wilhelm Wagenfeld created his famous table lamp in 1923 after an order from his teacher László Moholy-Nagy during his training at the Weimar Bauhaus. The result, the TECNOLUMEN Wagenfeld WA23, is characterised by its simple and functional design. The TECNOLUMEN light dispenser combines a timeless design language with high-quality workmanship.

    Homepage: www.tecnolumen.com
    Exclusive BKDD distribution license for P.R. China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Singapore.

    WITTMANN: Founded in 1896, the Austrian furniture manufacturer WITTMANN draws on a valuable wealth of experience that is passed on from one generation to the next. The traditional company looks back on over 100 years of craftsmanship. Precision, continuity, exactness and craftsmanship have determined the company's philosophy since its beginnings as a saddlery and leather processing company. Sustainability in the sense of longevity is one of WITTMANN's main concerns. The passionate commitment to a design tradition results in the claim to reflect classic design in a reduced and timeless way. The exclusive use of high-quality, selected materials and incomparable seating and lying comfort make a genuine Wittmann. WITTMANN owns the rights to the furniture designs of Josef Hoffmann, a famous Austrian architect and designer and founding member of the Wiener Werkstätte.

    Homepage: www.wittmann.at
    Exclusive BKDD distribution license for P.R. China, Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore.

CEO Business Development, Supply Chain & Finance
   Dr. Oliver Kneerich
CEO Sales & Marketing
   Alexander Millinger