让你的生活更美丽 - BKDD生活

BKDD生活提供了一系列完整的、且高度独特的、家具及其解决方案,从娱乐电子到家庭和办公家具及配件。我们的团队在尖端音频/视频系统以及奢侈家居装饰相关产品方面有着长期的经验。 我们致力于一个专业的世界。我们的主要客户是零售商店,酒店,餐厅,室内设计师和建筑师。 独特,美观和技术完美是我们的核心价值观。 我们认为自己绝对胜任为您的合作伙伴。 与您一起,我们创造最佳的室内设计解决方案。

  • More information about the brand BKDD

    The brand BKDD was created in 2008 by founding the company "Benrather Karree" in Düsseldorf (acronym for Benrather Karree Düsseldorf). BKDD was exclusively active in the premium segment of consumer electronics until the end of September 2016 and sold products from Bang & Olufsen in the largest store of the state capital. These are TV and audio equipment as well as home automation systems with a distinctive aesthetic design and innovative technology. In addition to the end customer business, business with commercial customers was added in 2012 as well. These include, above all, large furnishing projects with hotels and apartment buildings in Europe and Asia. BKDD was one of the most successful Bang & Olufsen stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, receiving numerous awards and recognitions from the manufacturer. The B2C business was sold in 2016.

    However, since October 2016, the B2B business in another company has continued under the BKDD brand: BKDD has expanded its product range and, in addition to high-quality consumer electronics, also offers furniture, household appliances and accessories from premium brands such as Walter Knoll, COR, Gaggenau and Sambonet. Thus, the basis was created to implement complete systematically planned interior design solutions.

    Due to the strong internationalization of the business, BKDD has been increasingly confronted with demands for consulting services - especially from companies that want to invest in Germany or Asia. Further information can be found under BKDD services.

    In the quest for excellence in quality, technology and design, BKDD decided in 2018 to open up a further business segment in the premium segment of lifestyle products with the market launch of high-quality Swiss-made wristwatches. BKDD can draw on many years of industry experience through appropriate employer know-how. Further information on the watch offer will follow.

   Sebastian A. Millinger
Director Supply Chain
   Niloufar Millinger